Billing Management & Revenue Optimization

SupportMed’s Billing & Revenue Cycle Management services ensure our clients with the absolute highest financial return and yield SupportMed’s Billing & Revenue Cycle Management services ensure our clients with the absolute highest financial return and yield from their services: from their services:

Billing & claim management

  • Early identification and tracking of self-pay accounts accounts
  • Electronic claim & remittance processing
  • Insurance verification
  • Concurrency coding and tracking
  • Unparalleled claim tracking & collection follow up
  • Line item posting
  • Unlimited charges, payments & adj. tracking by provider, site, code, surgeon, zip, ICD, etc.
  • Lock box receipt protection
  • Electronic access links to your hospital
  • Secure & protected electronic archiving of records

Revenue optimization & reporting

  • Accounts Receivable management & aging
  • Expected vs. actual payment
  • Underpay monitoring and follow-up resolution
  • Payer mix analysis
  • Payment punctuality by payer
  • Provider productivity reporting
  • Case volumes and trending
  • Demographic trending
  • Revenue projections and opportunities
  • Executive “Report Cards” and management

Advanced & Unlimited Reporting Capability Capability

  • Complete database transparency & access
  • Unlimited ad-hoc & custom ad-hoc database
  • Gain a transition windfall!
    Our new client ramp-up and transition
    management services are industry-best! We
    believe you should make money during a
    transition, not lose it! A carefully
    orchestrated and managed transition will
    give you confidence in knowing that your
    cash flows will not suffer during your winddown from the predecessor vendor.
  • Rely on built-in compliance checking for
    claims processing!
    Our claims editing software helps prevent
    inadvertent compliance violations. It flags
    and adds carrier-specific billing modifiers or
    codes that vary by payer, which are critical
    for optimizing reimbursement
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our ultra-secure
    data protection!
    Data redundancy and disaster recovery can
    be an afterthought for many, but it’s a
    cornerstone of our client security approach.
    Our redundant data servers ensure the
    highest level of protection available with
    multiple storage devices providing mirrored
    and redundant data storage and security.
    For added security and peace of mind, we
    also maintain “hot” backup servers at a
    secure offsite locations.
  • Benefit from skilled expertise…we do not
    Many of our competitors think that
    “offshoring” data entry or claim mgt is the
    way to go. We couldn’t disagree more! We
    don’t do it! While our competitors are happy
    to trade labor cost savings for operational
    fragmentation and lower quality (to make a
    few bucks more), we think this view is
    unfortunate. We put our clients first with
    tightly integrated staff and complete on-site
    operating environment that provides far
    superior results and returns to our clientele.

After two bad experiences with socalled national billing companies, I greatly appreciate SupportMed’s unique operational approach and “perfectionist” service mentality! What a relief!

Harold Branston, MD, Practice Director